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Sogetub LWC copper pipe


  • LWC Sogetub copper pipe


Application: Refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, industrial

Standard: EN 12735 - EN 12449

Form: Cu-DHP copper tube in LWC.

SUPER GREEN FIVE STARS Cu-DHP copper tube is available in LWC. It is ideal for the manufacture of domestic and industrial refrigerators, domestic and industrial air conditioners, heat exchangers, boilers, fittings, armoured resistors and terminals.

The new Feinrohren SGFS system used to manufacture LWC guarantees cleanliness of the tubing interior, with residue values tending to zero, and a constant average grain size in all production batches and along the entire length of the coils: these factors guarantee a highly homogeneous and perfectly workable product.

The reference standards for this product, EN 12735/2 and EN 12449, define the quality, dimensional tolerance and form conditions.

  • SUPER GREEN FIVE STARS pipe is compatible with new refrigerants (R134a, R600, R410, etc.) and lubricants (ESTER-OIL, etc.), while remaining compatible with older oils and fluids. SUPER GREEN FIVE STARS tubing is supplied on annealed or hardened LWC, with or without a cardboard core, in coil weights of 115 kg, 170 kg, 225 kg or 460 kg.